"The drama belongs on the stage"


"Hire Vito to be your coach..."

Fully present and fully engaged - words to describe Vito.  He expressed genuine interest throughout our conversations.  He allowed many pregnant pauses for me to sit with whatever was stirring.  He listened intently while actively "connecting the dots" on what was really going on.  After noticing a theme, he crafted an artful, probing question to bring to light a new angle and awareness.  Vito built positive intention by helping to unleash inspiration that had been "hidden under a bushel".  In other words, he helped to unravel stuck energy - good stuff.  Hire Vito to be your coach, you will benefit from his kind spirit and powerful questions.

Jim Ognibene

Visioneer Consulting, Principal

"He has always been a good listener and a creative problem solver..."

  • I have known Vito Abate all his life, and I can say that he has always been a good listener and a creative problem solver. He is that rare individual who is genuinely interested in people and has the knack to put them at ease when they meet him.  As a life coach, he can be trusted to help you find the path that's right for you! There should be no hesitation about seeking his professional advice. 

Frances Martone

Special Education Teacher

" I immediately felt a connection with Vito..."

I had financial concerns that made me hesitate before deciding to work with a coach. Also, I feel like there’s not a lot out there in the common vernacular about what exactly life coaching is, or what it takes to be a coach. I wasn’t sure whether it would be a good fit for me, but one of the things that eased my concern was that Vito was referred to me by somebody I love and adore, and who spoke very highly of him.  

I’m happy that I took my friend’s advice, as this has been a very rewarding experience! Working with Vito I found him to be very kind, patient and generous. There’s something very powerful about having someone to connect with; not just to what you’re feeling but to have someone helping pull stuff out of you. I think a lot of people might put off working with a coach because they’re afraid to have that stuff come out

 but once you commit and it’s with someone you trust: it’s really helpful. I immediately 

felt a connection with Vito. For one thing we both have similar backgrounds in the arts and a primary point of understanding with certain things. I liked how he remembered things and took notes. I felt like he cared 

and that meant a lot.

I would absolutely recommend 

working with Vito!

Everybody is struggling with something and everybody feels like they’re the only ones struggling with it and that there might be no way out. I realized I needed help and it led to this great coaching relationship.  I think it’s about accepting that you need help, and trusting that there are people out there that are going to help you sort through stuff. We all need it. It’s a great addition to therapy; helps you get organized, make goals, stick to them and stay accountable. I think everybody should do it. It’s motivating and might help you get out of a rut that you’ve been in.  And at the end of the day simply it’s just another personal connection you make, and that’s powerful all on its own.

Kevin Shimko

Comedy Arts Theater of Charlotte (CATch), Artistic Director